Sunday, October 26, 2014

October Favourites

Hey guys! Today I have gathered up my faves from the month of October and I am here to share :) This month I didn't buy too much new makeup. I am working on using what I have and just keeping my necessities.

Voluminous mascara  Voluminous® Power 24H<sup>TM</sup> BlackMy first and most fave product from this month is a new mascara I tried! It is from L'oreal and it is the Voluminous Power 24H Mascara. This claims to give volume for 24 hours and the collagen in the mascara thickens lashes all day and night. I love how separated my lashes become yet they look very thick. It doesn't clump up very much at all which I love.

Another favourite of mine this month has been my Ponds Dry Skin Cream. Lately, my skin has become quite dry and flaky on my cheeks and nose so I've needed that extra boost of moisture and this has been working great for my skin.

One product I have had for a while but am finally loving now, is the  Maybelline Baby Skin Primer. I really like to apply this under my eyes before concealer. It is meant to fill pores and fill in areas of the skin so when this is under my eyes, it smooths all fine lines and makes my concealer go on like a dream. I also notice that my concealer lasts a lot longer throughout the day when I apply the primer before application of my concealer.

To go along with the whole concealer theme, I have been loving using the E.L.F. HD Under Eye Setting Powder to set my concealer. I have a review on this so you might already know just how much I love this! It makes me under eye area so soft and smooth after I apply my concealer. It is translucent too so it doesn't add any more cakey powder to the delicate area.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

My Makeup In the Future

Hello everyone! By the time you are reading this post, I am moving!! How exciting?! (and stressful) It hasn't been until now in my life that I realized how much junk I have! Coming soon I will have a blog post all about my purge.. my makeup :( It was super tough for me but with the move, it had to be done.

There are a few things I wanted to address in this post, the first one being my personal style change. When I cleaned out my makeup, I realized how I don't need 6 blushes and 7 foundations. Or 5 mascaras on the go at once and that glittery purple eyeliner from years ago. My desire used to be to have this huge makeup collection that filled a "makeup room" that would be all mine. That dream has changed to now wanting to just have my all time, holy grail products. There is nothing wrong with splurging or spending a little bit on new exciting makeup here and there but I want to narrow down my collection to my necessities.

This change may result in a bit of a change on my blog. Since I will be narrowing my collection down to just my faves, I won't be needing to do a monthy favourites because I will be trying a lot less makeup out. I think it is only fair to keep up with posting a review every Tuesday because those are my favourite posts to make for you guys. I think I have tried enough makeup in my lifetime so far to have enough products to talk about.

Another point I'd like to touch on is that, in the future, I would LOVE to become a freelance makeup artist. As a student right now, I don't really have that option but when all my schooling is done, my goal is to be something in the beauty industry. At first, I always thought I wanted to be a teacher but now that I have been exposed to the makeup world much more, my dreams have changed. I keep telling myself that I could be 'teacher by day, makeup artist by night (and weekend)' hehe :) who knows where life will take me!

Let me know down below what your makeup style is! Do you have your faves and a few fun items? Or do you have a large collection of everything?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Makeup Wishlist

So as you may know, tons and tons of new makeup sets are coming out just in time for the holidays! This of course, is an makeup junkies dream and I have made up quite a large list of makeup I would like to receive for Christmas this year. Some items are from the holiday collections, others are permanent.

Tarte Lights, Camera, Splashes Waterproof Mascara: hoping that this will hold my curl. The packaging is also, so dang cute!

Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics Palette: I love the first one and I adore cool toned shades.

Mac Pro Longwear Concealer: looking forward to full coverage and crease free concealer!

Mac Heirloom Holiday Blushes: both are mineralized and look gorgeous!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Review: E.L.F. HD Under Eye Setting Powder

Hello there! Today I was going through my makeup collection, trying to decide what I wanted to do a review on for you! My most favourite product had slipped my mind for the past year! How have I not done a review on this yet?!

So here is my review for you on my holy grail, E.L.F. HD Under Eye Setting powder! You can purchase this at target for only $3 which in my opinion is even worth just checking it out. It is usually always in stock and even target in Canada carries E.L.F. makeup for sale now. Although, in Canada, this product is $4 instead of $3.

I have had this for quite some time now and I haven't always loved it as much as I currently am.
This loose powder will seriously change any concealer! To apply, I load up a super fluffy brush with the powder and dust it over my under eye area. It sets it in place, keeps it on all day and it looks great. The look to the skin it leaves, it is so smooth and it feels so soft. I use this on other people when I do their makeup and they are amazed of the look and feel of this powder.

Overall, I give this product 5 stars! Without a doubt, it has become one of my holy grail products that I must have with me. Check it out and let me know what you guys think! 

Wet n' Wild New Beauty App?!?

So Wet n' Wild has come out with an official app! You can download it for free from the Google Play Store or the App Store on any of your devices. Here is what inspired their app;

For the first time in the brand's 35-year history, Wet n Wild is rolling out a national campaign called "Steal the Look." Based on the insight that women look to makeup for transformation, empowerment and play, the brand is set to help women lift any look they love—from a high-fashion cover model to a friend down the block—and re-create it for less. 
"This incredible moment is more than 35 years in the making for wet n wild," said Bill George, president and COO of Markwins International, which owns the value cosmetics brand. "Wet n wild has always had a brilliant and beloved collection of trend-setting colors at the right price point—and now this brand campaign gives us a bold dose of moxie, making us an unstoppable force in the beauty marketplace."

I will be downloading the app myself but let me know what you guys think! I would love to hear your thoughts down below!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Review: Maybelline Colossal Mascara

Volum' Express&#174; The Colossal Washable MascaraHey guys! Today I have a review for you on a mascara. This mascara isn't new or anything but it was my first time trying it. I have to say.. I am torn.

When I first opened up this mascara, something that caught my eye was the wand and the brush. Normally, I like a plastic wand on my mascara but this one was a normal bristle wand. I was aware of this when I bought it and it turns out, I really like this brush. A lot!

One thing that "turned me off" from this mascara right from the beginning, was this huge piece of plastic that I found stick off the wand. Now a normal person would throw out the mascara thinking there could be more little pieces inside but I proceeded to use it. I haven't had any other problems yet, thank god.

I like how this mascara doesn't clump up easily. I can build it up for thick lashes or keep in minimal (like the picture shown) and have a really separated, natural looking lash.

One complaint I have about this mascara is that it isn't the greatest at holding my curl. I would prefer a little more curl power but many mascaras lack this quality anyways.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Review: MAC Crazed Imagination Blush

Hello everyone! Today I have a review on a new blush from Mac. It was just released a few weeks ago with the Rocky Horror Picture Show collection. I was lucky enough to pick it up before it sold out and today I will be sharing my thoughts on this product, with you. 
So to start out, this blush is the same size as Mac's other powder blushes. This blush does have limited edition packaging which is Rocky Horror themed. This factor also makes the blush a tad more expensive but only by a few dollars. 

The colour of this blush is a muted, brown, plumy shade. It is perfect for the fall time and Mac couldn't have released this at a better time to be quite honest. This fall I have been very into the deeper shades compared to last year so I am happy I snagged this blush. 

One thing to watch out for is that this blush can end up looking like your cheeks are bruised. This is not a flattering look, therefore I have figured out a simple solution. When applying, place the blush more downwards towards the hollows of your cheeks. This is where you would contour. The more blush that is on the apples of your cheeks, the more funny it can look.

Overall, I am super pleased with my purchase. The packaging is super cool and the colour is great! You are very lucky if you could pick this up in time before it sold out. 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

MAC Heirloom Mix Colour Collection- Holiday 2014


MAC-Heirloom-Mix-Collection-ESThis is another new Mac collection that will be coming out soon. This is for the holidays!! :) As you may have seen, I posted about some sneek peek pics of another holiday collection from Mac. The one with the gold packaging. That one is the gift set one and this one is the individual products. I have LOTS on my list so I better start saving now. Launches October 20th 2014. 

Pressed Pigment

Regal Affair: white base with fine opal pearl (Frost)
Nostalgic: soft light salmon beige (Frost)
Noble Descent: pearly smoky mauve (Frost)
Victorian Plum: plum with violet pearl (Frost)
Enchantment: violet with blue violet sparkles (Frost)
Modern Majesty: dark brown base with green pearl (Frost)
Noblesse Oblige: frosty wood (Frost)

Prim and Proper: black gray with silver sparkles (Frost)


Kohl Power Eye Pencil

Feline: black
Tarnish: dark green
Prunella: dark prune



Dark Majesty: black with black pearl
Gentrified: brown with rose pearl



Reflects Antique Gold: goldish khaki sparkles
Amethyst: bright clean purple


Tribalist: deep purple berry (Amplified)
No Faux Pas: hot pink (Matte)
Sparks of Romance: true red (Frost)
Rebel: pink plum (Satin)
Salon Rouge: clean berry red (Matte)


Cremesheen Glass

Ceremonial: hot pink with sparkles
Seeking Adoration: plumy pink
Social Season: violet with blue sparkles
Romantic Overture: clear base with sparkles
Courting Chic: deep berry red with gold sparkles

Mineralize Blush

Modest Blush: light baby salmon pink
Sweet Sentiment: rosy pink

MAC-Heirloom-Mix-Collection-NPNail Lacquer

Just Jewels: light pink with silvery rainbow pearls
Queen’s Honour: bright red (Crème)
Richly Endowed: clean berry red (Crème)

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Have You Been Using Dry Shampoo the Correct Way?

Hey guys! If you didn't already know, dry shampoo is my favourite beauty product. It is a must in my routine and it is the beauty product I go through the fastest. right now, my favourite is the Garnier Volume Extend Instant Bodifier Dry Shampoo. 

Using dry shampoo so often, I have learned the curves to using this product. Many people complain that the white cast it leaves in your hair is too hard to get out. I agree. So to conquer that problem, I spray it in BEFORE I go to bed. Then when I wake up in the morning, the white is gone and mt hair looks fresh. All you need to do is brush out your hair like normal. Just remember to change your pillowcase often! :) 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Making Your Next Bug Bite.. A Little More Bearable

Last month, I was honoured to be a bridesmaid in my cousins wedding. The wedding party went for pictures outdoors after the ceremony and that's when I ran into my biggest nightmare. I had gotten one of the biggest, most red and itchiest bug bites ever! I couldn't resist scratching it, which only made the irritation worse.

One of the other bridesmaids came to the rescue and had an amazing solution.  Deodorant... Now I know you are thinking the same thing I was. Weird or what!?! But it works like a charm. All you need to do is roll a little bit of a stick deodorant on the bug bite, wait a few minutes and BAM! All redness is gone, the bite is visibly smaller and the itchy feeling wasn't there anymore.

So next time you are in a pinch, don't forget to pack a mini travel size deodorant in your purse. It could save you, like it saved me.   

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Review: Kleenex Eye Makeup Removal Wipes

Hey guys! Today I have yet another review for you! If you didn't know, here on my blog, I do reviews every Tuesday. Today, my review will be on these Kleenex Eye Makeup Removal Wipes. I picked these up at Dollar Tree today for $1.25. I was curious as to if these were even real and not fake.

I tried these for the first time the other day and... holy moly... they are horrible. The cloth isn't very moist and saturated at all. Which was disappointing to me. The package also claims to being able to remove waterproof mascara. This is a pretty steep claim for lot's of makeup removers, this one included. It got the basics off like my eyeshadow and minimal face makeup around the eyes but they had a hard time removing my liquid liner and mascara which are part of my daily routine.

In the future, I will probably use these to spot clean my brushes in between colours. Or possibly to clean off my eyelash curler. I am a little disappointed but for less than $2 it will be okay! Talk to you on Thursday! :)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

September Favourites

My Oh My! Where has the time gone! It is the end of September already!?! Before we know it, we will be welcoming 2015 in a few months.. scary! I know 

This month I have been enjoying a few new products but mostly enjoying my tried and true products from my makeup collection.

The Covergirl TRUblend Liquid Foundation has been my go to this month. It is super creamy and blends like a dream. It has medium coverage in my opinion but can be built up to add a little extra if you would like. The texture is quite thick so a little does go a long way with this foundation. if you have oily skin like me, all you need is to set this foundation with a powder after application.   

Another favourite of mine is the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. I feel like this was in my last favourites post but I love it so much. This is the brush I use to apply my foundation and it buffs it in to perfection while maintaining good coverage at the same time. The brush hairs are synthetic, therefore, it won't absorb any of your liquid products.

This month, I have been really into grooming my brows and having them look perfect! My favourite thing to fill them in with is Mac Charcoal Brown Eyeshadow. I use a super thing angled eyeliner brush and just fill in the sparse areas. I like this shade because it is cool toned. That means that the shade of brown doesn't have red in it and it matches my hair colour better.

My last favourite for this month isn't makeup related but I MUST share it with you guys. It is my LUG Promenade Tote. If you guys have never heard of the brand LUG before, I am sadly shocked haha! My mom first introduced me to this brand a few years back and I have made a few purchases since. Basically, it is all purses, bags and totes that they carry. They are amazing quality, super spacious and their bags are just really practical and the design is thought out very well. They come with lifetime warranty and are just perfect for daily use! Here is the link to my bag but I encourage you to look around on their website. They are quite pricey but worth every single penny. I use mine for my daily purse and bag for school. It fits books, lunch and every other thing I may need!

If you would like a more in depth review on LUG bags and more info about the company, let me know down below and I can have a post in the near future about that for you!


MAC Rocky Horror Picture Show Collection 2014

"The Rocky Horror Picture Show kicks off the celebration of its 40th anniversary in wild style with an untamed M∙A∙C collaboration, featuring an outrageous collection of hues and products specially designed to recreate the looks of your favourite characters from the 1975 cult classic film. Transform yourself into a sex-swapping mad scientist, heroic newlywed, alien from Transylvania or even the time-warped Riff Raff, with an orgy of colour worthy of any midnight mayhem at The Frankenstein Place."

Availability: Online September 29th (NEXT MONDAY) and in-stores October 2nd at MAC Stores Only.

MAC x Rocky Horror Picture Show CollectionLipstick

  • Strange Journey Yellowish brick red (Matte)
  • Oblivion Vivid bluish-red (Amplified)
  • Sin Deep dark blue red (Matte) (Permanent)
  • Frank-N-Furter Deep raspberry wine (Matte)

Lip Pencil 

  • Vino Intense violet purple (Permanent)

Riff-Raff Eyeshadow Palette 

    MAC x Rocky Horror Picture Show Collection
  • Graphic Style Deep silver (Veluxe Pearl) (Repromote)
  • Oh, Rocky!!! Soft muted white with pearl (Frost)
  • Carbon Black Intense black (Matte)
  • Heavy, Black and Pendulous Grayish blue with pearl (Frost)
  • Blackberry Muted burgundy-plum brown (Matte) (Permanent)
  • Crystal Violet duochrome with pearl (Frost) (Permanent)


MAC x Rocky Horror Picture Show Collection
  • Gold Sparkling chunky gold (Permanent)
  • 3d Black Black with silver holographic effect (Permanent)


  • It’s Not Easy Having a Good Time Sparkling burgundy

Chromagraphic Pencil

  • Black Black Black (Permanent at PRO)
  • Basic Red Primary red (Permanent at PRO)

Greasepaint Stick

  • B Bright yellow blue
  • Black Intense black

MAC x Rocky Horror Picture Show Collection

Superslick Liquid Eye Liner 

  • On the Hunt True black (Permanent)

MAC x Rocky Horror Picture Show CollectionPowder Blush 

  • Crazed Imagination Muted plum with a hint of pink pearl

Sculpt and Shape Powder

  • Bone Beige/Emphasize Palest cream/tan


MAC x Rocky Horror Picture Show Collection


Nail Lacquer 

  • Bad Fairy Red with red multi-changing pearl (Limited Edition)
  • Formidable Teal green with pink multi-changing pearl (Permanent)MAC x Rocky Horror Picture Show Collection


  • 7 Lash (Limited Edition Packaging)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Review: Lorac Pro Palette 2

Hey guys! Today I have a super in depth review for you all on a new product! I just recently purchased this last month when I went down to the states. I bought this at Ulta and it was around $42. That is a steep price in my opinion but I knew I couldn't buy it back at home therefore, I justified my purchase.

Prior to buying this palette, I had looked up reviews and watch makeup videos about it. I had seen and heard many mixed reviews. Some people were loving it and others, not so much. Sadly.. I am one of those people. I tried SO hard to love it but something about it just isn't cutting it for me.

Some things that I do love about this palette is the packaging itself. The case is sleek, lightweight and looks very crisp and clean. It is compact and great for travel.

The shadows themselves are super pigmented! The most pigmented shadows I own in my makeup collection. They are buttery and super smooth when swatched.. and that's where the positiveness ends...

These shadows produce SO MUCH fallout. The most I have ever had occur to me. The dust tends to get into the other shadows and makes an unpleasant mix if I plan on using the others in my eye makeup look.

My number one problem with this eyeshadow palette is how hard the eyeshadows are to blend. I start by applying my lid colour, then I add my crease colour and it ends up patchy. It's like where ever you place these shadows down with the first touch, that's where they are staying. Blending is a nightmare with these and it makes me not want to use this palette that often.

Like I said, I love how pigmented these shadows are but the blend-ability just made it too difficult for me.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

MAC Holiday Collection 2014

The up to date glamour and immaculate style of fashion designer Prabal Gurung comes to M•A•C in this collaboration featuring ultra-luxurious, special, limited edition gold packaging. 
MAC x Prabal Gurung Collection for Holiday 2014

More information to come in the near future. Rumour has it that items will be priced quite high because this is MAC's luxury collection. Prices are set to be anywhere for $30 to $70. 14 pieces will be included in this line and it will launch the 26th of November at Mac.


Saturday, September 20, 2014

Why Do You Wear Makeup?

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to just sit down and write for you all, so that is exactly what I am doing. I wanted to post something more on a serious side and not my usual beauty posts or product reviews.

Why do you wear makeup? Do you wear it to feel pretty? To give you a confidence boost? Or for fun? What is the reason behind applying so many products, daily, to change your natural beauty?

For me, I apply makeup because it is an art. Some people may enjoy painting a picture or sketching an object, but I prefer something else. I work on a canvas too. A face.

I wear makeup because it makes me feel very feminine and it does give my confidence just a little boost. Although, I am comfortable with my natural, bare face, popping on a bright lipstick and some mascara can make me feel like a million bucks.

It is important to love yourself for who you are. You don't need to change. You are beautiful just how you are. But it doesn't hurt to be creative, experiment  and play around with makeup.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Review: Essence Long Lasting Lipsticks

Hello everyone! Today I have a review for you all! Recently, Essence Cosmetics sent me a few goodies in the mail. For those of you who don't know much about this brand, here in Canada, you can buy it at Shoppers Drug Mart. For you makeup junkies in the US, I think ULTA is the place to go. This brand is also sold all around the world so go check out there website and select your country to find out where to buy these amazing makeup items!

So another important, amazing thing about this brand is how inexpensive they are! Today I will be reviewing their Long Lasting Lipsticks. Let me just tell you.. these are AMAZING!! They can be purchased for $3 and are incredible! I am trading these out for all my Mac Lipsticks! I have 6 different colours and I love them all equally. These lipsticks come in a very large shade range so you are bound to fine something you will enjoy.

All 6 Lipsticks Swatched
The beautiful stain left behind from the nude shade! 
The feel of these lipsticks are very creamy. They apply super smooth and don't drag on the lips during application. Another good thing is that they will not bleed out of your lip line and leave a mess behind. What they do leave behind is somewhat of a stain. Which in my opinion, it is a positive thing. This is one of the only lipsticks that leave a stain behind that is opaque over the whole lip. Most of my lipsticks, when they wear off, leave a not so nice ring around my lip line.

Overall, you can't beat these lipsticks! They are super smooth and creamy. They are only $3 and the shade range is fabulous! They leave a gorgeous colour on the lips and they last long as well.

Lip Swatch of the Gorgeous Cherry Red Colour